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Hello there

Oh dearest blog! I’d forgotten about you! I am ever so sorry. Look a pretty picture to distract you!

Pretty Sunflower

Isn’t that picture pretty? I knew you’d like it. So here’s what’s been going on: I’ve been working! Mostly full time (at least this month). Soon after that last post (April! Again my apologies!) I landed a job working at one of the hospitals here in town as a clerk in the lab. Being a clerk means I get to do all the fun stuff: file, order tests, yell at nurses for being dumb, talk to doctor’s offices to give test results, look at all the cool specimens before histology comes to pick them up – stuff like toes and gallbladders, administer drug screens (not yet but soon), and all kinds of other cool stuff! I don’t have to do stuff like run tests on gross stuff like poop, pee, sputum and pleural fluid. I’m learning a lot, so much that I can yell at medical dramas when they order unnecessary tests for people. Like, do you really need a type and screen for someone who has the flu? I doubt they will be receiving blood products unless they have the Ebola. I am also convinced I’m going to get Swine flu. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

So I’m working about 20 hours a week there. Which is keeping me busy. I was walking Buttons the Dog until the end of July when nice neighbor lady decided she was fully recovered from her hip replacement surgery and could walk him herself. That right there was a source of income that was nothing to sneeze at. But soon after, I got a call from the company I interned for last summer/fall. I’m a contract worker now (I prefer freelancer), taking pictures of products sales and marketing (ha! S&M) wants updated for the 2010 catalogue. I am of course happy to oblige as I loved working there. Maybe because a bunch of dudes are easier to work with then a bunch of moody women. (That’s not to say I don’t love my coworkers at the hospital. I love…most of them.)

So before this blog turns into a blog about the economic downturn and how this has affected me personally, I shall keep the work antedotes to a minimum. See you soon.


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